My Great Hope-Guide

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God doesn't just want to give you hope, He wants to give you GREAT HOPE! When we lack hope, we lack the desire to accomplish our goals. Sometimes we can even say, "why bother getting up?" Well friend, God has great plans for you and He wants you to look to Him for hope. The Lord wants to help you be successful even when it seems like the world is falling apart.

The content of this book is designed to guide you through a 12-month journey of success and hope. You and I will be the authors together along with the Holy Spirit.

Each month or section contains the following:

1. A banner on which the month and year are written.
2. A scripture on hope for you to memorize and a short devotional and declaration.
3. A table of important dates and events of the month.
4. A page to write your prayer requests before the Lord. 
5. A page for the goals you want to achieve each month.
6. Plus, five pages where you can write notes, ideas or any inspiration you receive for that month.
Are you ready to regain hope and have a wonderful year? Together we will have victory!

This book is coil bound for easy use when writing!

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